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401(k) Sales Champion Workshop

As retirement plan advisors, plan sponsors depend on you to provide them with the tools, resources and information they need to help them prepare their company’s employees for retirement. If you want to be a valuable resource for your clients, you need access to the most current information and proven tactics.

To optimize your opportunity to assist employers and their employees, David K. Young Consulting is proud to be your exclusive source in the San Antonio Area for the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop.

Based on the personal sales and coaching experiences of Chris Barlow, the founder and managing director of KnowHow 401(k), the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop covers more than 100 topics that will help you achieve your growth goals.

The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop features 36 video segments that deliver expert advice and industry insight. Supported by 30 e-tools, cataloged within a 7-step process, you’ll receive ample support designed to maximize your overall experience. And you’ll have access to your David K. Young Consulting team every step of the way.

Furthermore, to help you become more comfortable with 401(k) plan design and compliance requirements, KnowHow 401(k) has partnered with the National Association of Pension Administrators to provide you with content from their Fundamentals of Qualified Retirement Plans course, which can be found in step one of the Sales Champion Workshop.

Click below to see the Introduction video for the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop®

This Workshop Will Help You Get There

Expect Results

Here’s what you can expect to achieve when you use the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop:


This workshop will give you confidence in the career path you’ve chosen while giving you the insight into challenges you will likely face when working with 401(k) and other group retirement plans. This knowledge will serve you well as you forge ahead and plan your strategy for securing success.


Plan sponsors expect you to answer two primary questions:

  • Why should they allow you to work with them and their employees?

  • Why is your recommendation better than what they have now?

This workshop will prepare you for these questions while giving you the confidence you need answer their questions and close the deal.


The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop will provide you with the tools you need to build a business plan and will help you identify a plan to help you achieve your goals.

Over the last three decades, Chris Barlow, managing director of KnowHow 401(k), has achieved results for some of the top financial services companies in the country as an advisor, sales trainer, wholesaler, national sales manager and strategic director. In 1988, he began developing his sales training discipline with Merrill Lynch Advisors. Today, his 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop has helped thousands of advisors nationwide. Since Chris launched the online version of his workshop in 2012, it has been accessed more than 4,000 times. | Learn more about Chris


Who Should Participate?

The 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop is ideal for individuals who are currently in the following stages of their careers:

  • Launch – Whether you’re brand new in your career, or just new to retirement plan sales, you may be wondering:

    • How do I get started in 401(k) sales?

    • How do I contact my current relationships about their company’s retirement plan?

  • Grow – Those in this stage of their careers are advisors with existing plans (likely less than 20). You probably acquired these plans through your relationships with decision-makers. You already realize the power of group plans and want to proactively seek out and acquire new opportunities by improving your acquisition and retention process.

  • Improve – Those in this stage of their career already specialize in group retirement plan sales and are responsible for the professional development of other team members. You would use this workshop and other program offerings as business improvement resources for your team.

Furthermore, the 401(k) Sales Champion Workshop is ideal for advisors who will make a commitment to complete the activities over an extended time period to realize optimal results as you seek to build or improve upon your group retirement plan business. Click here to discover why this program will work for you.

Are you ready to grow your business?

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